Benevolence is...

  • Chris Corley- Drums
  • Pris Hernandez- Guitar
  • Mike Puckett- Gutteral Vocals
  • Charles Benson - Lead Guitar
  • John Parker - Bass


Originally formed in 1994 under the name "Necrosis", changed in early 1996 to "Exhumation", (The band was forced to change the name due to a Trademark dispute with a pre-existing European band) and as soon as the clock struck midnight January 1st 1997 officially to the name Chris came up with in the early 90's, BENEVOLENCE!

Benevolence sought to distance itself from the myriad of death metal bands that were cropping up in the area (most of which were content to be nothing more than Dying Fetus or Cannibal Corpse clones).

Benevolence originally leaned more towards the death/ doom scene. Since then we have developed some speed and attitude. We retain a sound that is distinctively death metal but we have no problem infusing influences that don't always appear in this genre of music.

We have shared the stage with such acts as Napalm Death, Skinlab, Extol, Living Sacrifice, Six Feet Under, Origin, Malevolent Creation, As I Lay Dying, Vader, Kataklysm, Destruction, Animosity, Crimson Thorn, Graveworm, Speed Kill Hate, King's X, Galactic Cowboys and many other notable bands.

We have had many set backs, a revolving door of line up changes, we are now at a point where we have our strongest lineup to date. Hot off the heels of a rather lengthy hiatus ending in 2018…